I Sell Sex For A Living

There is a thing that does not commonly come up in general chats with people that I do not know well. Actually that is not quite true, as it is more likely to be a subject for conversation with people that I do not know than with a lot of my so called friends because of the beliefs and preconceptions that people have. I have an unusual profession in that my job is arranging for women to have sex with men for money. The thing that most people do not expect is that selling sex for a living is much harder than anyone ever expects.

It takes a lot of time and effort to pull together every single deal that takes place, and in a lot of cases you need to work even harder on the deals that do not eventually take place. Eventually though, my job is based on the fact that I get money in return for putting people together so that they can have sex together. I sell the sexual services of the sexiest high class escorts London has to offer. As far as I and my colleagues are concerned, selling sex is a business deal in the same way as any other. For many years I ran an executive search recruitment business and worked as a corporate head hunter and just by strange coincidence I was paid exactly the same percentage for putting those deals together as for arranging shagging sessions.

I have always had a very pragmatic viewpoint when it comes to sex and to selling sex for money. As I have already said, in my view selling sex is just a business deal just like any other. I also take a very pragmatic approach to dating and romance in that I Believe that in one way or another everybody is either paying for sex or being paid for sex. I am aware that this sounds a bit like an over statement and perhaps rather extreme. But in my view a woman who goes out on a date with a bloke that she meets on social media, has him buy dinner, pay for entry to a nightclub and all her drinks and then goes home and shags him is no different in practice to a professional escort.

And a guy who meets a lady for an evening out, buys her drinks and dinner and then takes her to a club and then presumes that she is bound to have sex with him simply because he has spent so much money on the date is behaving in exactly the same way as a guy renting the time of a high class escort.

I often say to the women who work with me that they are actually acting in a far more ethical way than their friends who shag for shoes, holidays and handbags. Professional escorts have thought that they might as well get cash for sex rather than a handbag and dinner and as far as I am concerned they have come to the right answer as far as I am concerned. That viewpoint is certainly far more honest and straightforward.


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