Enjoying Ex Sex

I have a bit of a theory about the great types of sex partner. Obviously opinions are like arse holes, everybody has one. Especially when it comes to sex. But please allow me to tell you why I feel qualified to espouse my own pet theory in a public forum. I am a middle aged though incredibly well preserved woman who has had a lot of sex with a lot of men. I was a professional high class escort for fifteen years and in that time I had sex with nearly six and a half thousand men. Which makes me sound like a total slut, but that was my job. In my personal life I have only had fourteen and only four of those were one night stands. When it comes to my personal love life I am by far the most monogamous woman that I know, which seems a little odd but there you go.

I enjoyed my one night stands and they had their charms, but they are not really my thing. Obviously I had a lot of anonymous sex with a lot of men as a woman who wants to escort Las Palmas visitors so maybe I just did not need to go and pull a guy in a bar. But I do not think that is a factor. I just enjoy having sex with a partner who really knows me well, and knows exactly what buttons to press, squeeze or stroke. I also love being able to do exactly the same in return. But you know what I really love? Sex with an ex. It has all the good points of monogamy and familiarity with all the excitement of a one night stand. Outstanding.

Let me give you an example. I recently ran into an ex of mine totally by chance in a wine bar down near Tower Bridge in London. We have been occasional friends with benefits for years and we know each other really well. There seems to always be one lover in your life who hits all the buttons but that you never settle down with for whatever reason. He is mine. He is a lawyer and I was down there doing some meetings with professional advisers as I run quite a big firm as well as being a professional hump merchant. We quickly did the getting back to know each other thing and within fifteen minutes we were down in the disabled loo cubicle banging like a barn door on a windy night. I had one foot on the toilet and was gripping the handrail while he hammered away from behind.

Not great or romantic, but it had its charms and was a nice warm up for the two nights of pretty much non stop shagging humping and sex play during the time that we both spent down South on business. We said our goodbyes as I headed to the airport and he back to the train station. Now we both have renewed our friends with benefits status which is nice. And since we are both good business people, I have a new client as he travels round Europe for his law firm – I make sure he gets well taken care of and stays healthy for obvious reasons. And he has a new legal client. Like I said, friends with benefits.


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