OK the last few days I have “snapping” away for my personal Instagram account and it got me to thinking about what people find attractive. I spend a lot of time and I mean a lot of time looking at photos. I get submission photos from escorts, I work with photographers to take images for the agency and I spend too much time on the work Twitter account to be good for me. So this barrage of images got me to thinking. There is so much I can say on this its kinda hard to work out where to start. First I think I should say that in the main I like the look of the human body in most of its forms - fat, thin, tall, short, blonde, brunette, tattooed, black, brown, white or yellow the look of the human race can be endlessly fascinating and truly diverse. I should also say that what makes a picture a good picture is of course subjective and based upon your own background location and genetics. So there is no wrong or right there is just is personal taste and a few very basic rules such as the rule of thirds.
escort girl wearing ankle bracelet by pool
Pictures used to be something you took to capture special occasions such as births, holidays and weddings and you almost always had to wait a few days if not a few weeks to see the finished images. The Polaroid camera changed this for a lot of people in the 70s. Being able to see your image and change it before the next photo was I suppose, revolutionary in its day. However it is nothing to now with everyone snapping and clicking all of the time. Especially for girls in the escort industry such as those with Allys Escorts. The selfie is the “thing” no more hiding behind gracefully crafted images. A simple click can now make a brake anyone in the public eye in seconds. The photo, the image is everywhere. If no photo was taken then it didn't happen.
We are living our lives more and more by images and pictures and less in other forms all of communication I am not saying its not useful. For example, simply taking a picture to show a location is vastly preferable to having to describe by voice on on text a location. Being able to send images while shopping can make the process more efficient. “would you like this product or that product darling?” But I can easily go too far.


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