Photographs & Escort Girls

After all the years I have been involved with call girls, especially in Spain, you would think that I would take for granted some of the stupid stuff that goes on. But I remain as surprised as ever when these self employed women refusing to do the most basic things to help them make more money. For example, these are women who rely on men appreciating their looks and figures to make money. And their shop windows are the escort agency web site, escort directories and photos sent out by the receptionist at the agency while talking to potential clients. What do all those have in common? Photos. And yet a lot of girls either refuse to have new photos done by professionals after a large change in their appearance – blond to brunette, bigger boobs. Others refuse to have professional
escort girl removing her black cocktail dress
photographs at all. They expect selfies to sell their beauty and attractiveness. Well not compared to beautiful and well posed professional photos they will not. Escort agency web sites are not like Tinder!

I really do not understand it. It is like those business owners who say that they can not afford to advertise until sales improve. Some girls say that do not need them, despite feedback from the escort agency receptionists that clients do not like their existing photos. Maybe it is shyness or something? Others say that they can not afford to pay for the photographs, even when we have negotiated a massive discount for them because of the number of girls who go to the photographers that we suggest. We even have a special page so that the girls who are shown on can get the best photographs possible. But still they will not go, even when everyone has guaranteed to blur the photographs and to give the escort the original CD of the images since they are paying for them.

I have even resorted to saying that I will not represent escorts unless they have good recent professional photos. But that just means that they go to other agencies, who do not give them bookings because the photos suck and waste the girls time. So now I just tell them the truth – that their photos will not get them much work unless there is no-one else available and that they will not get as much work as they deserve. And then the choice is theirs. After all, I am not their employer or their big sister.


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